Ed  Rankin

Ed Rankin

Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress, Ed Rankin Ed Rankin is a recognized expert in organizational systems and effectiveness. His work has been cited in numerous professional journals and business publications, and he has made numerous television and radio appearances about human resource management issues. Ed holds a BS degree in Psychology, an MS degree in Labor and Industrial Relations, an MA in Human and Organizational Systems. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching and is currently completing a PhD in Human Development. Ed has served on numerous appointed and elected community groups including the Boards of Directors of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, Disability Rights Texas, United Cerebral Palsy of Texas and Clean Dallas, Inc. He Chaired the Dallas Mayor’s Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities for two terms and was elected as a Trustee of the Southlake Carroll Independent School District. He knows that the surest way to improve American lives is to downsize the Federal Governemnt departments and policies, and intends to do so if elected.