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Michael Needleman

Managing Partner With over twenty-five years of Wall Street experience, Michael Needleman has had the opportunity to work on both the buy and sell sides of the Street, and today, he is able to implement his knowledge and expertise as Manager of Fusion’s Long/Short Strategy. At Fusion, Michael utilizes his wealth of knowledge in the trading and sales areas to keep strategic control over the marketing of the funds as well as the functional disciplines and daily decisions of portfolio management. He also assists the brokerage division at Fusion in expanding opportunities of proprietary products, bringing his Rolodex of professionals to expand Fusions growth. Michael has served as PM of Preservation Asset Management, Portfolio Manager and Partner at Ridgecrest Partners, as Founding Partner of Thomas Weisel Partners and as Sr. Managing Partner at Bear Stearns and Kidder Peabody, Bateman Eichler as well as serving as a primary consultant to numerous money managers and hedge funds.