Dr. Clifton Hicks

Dr. Clifton Hicks is the Founder of Urban-based Adventures ™: Adventure-based Psychotherapy™. He is also a Psychiatric Social Worker for the Department of Public Health in San Francisco, CA, providing individual, group, and family psychotherapy. In both capacities, Dr. Hicks specializes in the treatment of trauma for under-served children of color and their families in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Dr. Hicks has provided Continuing Education Units (CEU) Training to clinicians on Adventure-based Psychotherapy™, conducted Community-based Seminars on trauma and continues to provide ongoing In-Service Trainings to Educators in the San Francisco Unified School District on helping traumatized children learn. Recently, he was spotlighted in the San Francisco Chronicle, “An Uphill Climb” and highlighted in The RV Project Blog: “Climbing to Repair a Child”. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has also recognized his work.