Amy  Brann

Amy Brann

Amy Brann bridges the gap between cutting edge neuroscientific research and organisations who can use it. Leaving UCL medical school to pursue a Coaching career she became fascinated by what the brain can teach us to help transform thinking & performance. Participating in over 12,000 hours of Coaching with clients all over the world. Amy has consulted to companies in Europe, Asia and Australia and enjoys delivering interactive talks and workshops. Her company, Synaptic Potential, partners with the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change to deliver cutting edge trainings to organisations. She is the author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ and ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ both published by Kogan Page. She is currently working on her third book bringing the practical applications of neuroscience directly into organisations. Amy passionately delivers the message that you have a huge amount of potential that can be better accessed if you understand how to work with your brain.