Steve  Trezek

Steve Trezek

Long before the inception of the rapidly growing online fitness community, Fitastic®, Steve Trezek, enthusiastically broke ground in the Fitness and Health Club Industry back in 1996 due to his pure passion for engaging in others fitness needs and his personal thirst to gain sustainable knowledge in the field. Through relentless development, he became ACE and NASM certified, committed his daily learning to others through a positive mental attitude, advanced up to several management/supervisor positions, and had the opportunity to share his experience and skill set with hundreds of successful Personal Trainers while changing thousands of lives in the process. In 2012 Steve transitioned out of the Corporate World and founded an interactive online fitness brand revolving around the concept of detailed program design, top fitness/nutrition recommendations, and showcasing others success stories in the community. Steve doesn’t only coach and teach the process of a healthy lifestyle, he also applies it in his own life through practiced and proven training techniques and philosophies. Being a competitive lifetime Natural Bodybuilder, Steve has just recently earned his covenant Natural Bodybuilding Pro Card. Everyday is a unique opportunity to grow and take the people around us, with us.