Tony J.  Selimi

Tony J. Selimi

Tony J. Selimi is an internationally renowned Elite Life Coach, Mentor, Spiritual Healer, Speaker and the Author of the Amazon bestselling book “A Path to Wisdom-How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life”. Tony is founder of The Velvet Journey, and HealOneSelf. He specializes in working with a variety of successful individuals who experience emotional and physical issues, profound emptiness, work under pressure and feel their life lacks clarity, vision and purpose. Through one-to-one coaching, mentoring, healing, custom made workshops and retreats, Tony has helped thousands of people release doubts and fears, resolve inner conflicts, and achieve balance and greater performance in all areas of their life, so that they can move forward purposefully. He is the creator of the “Live Your Life, Live Your Purpose-Coaching Program," a 12-week intensive program designed for busy business executives and entrepreneurs.