Yoav  Schwatz

Yoav Schwatz

Yoav Schwatz the founder and CEO at Uberflip, responsible for driving the mission, vision, and goals of the company. Okay, I can hear you all saying, I know what Uber is, its that really cool car company that it has disrupted the taxi and deliver industry, but what the hell is Uberflip. Their website says it is “Content With A Pulse” The tools and insights you need to create a killer content Hub that converts visitors into leads, and leads into customers. He is a huge believer in providing a fantastic customer experience and this is a major focus of his team. 
 Yoav has accumulated a wealth of experience working in multiple businesses with focuses in marketing, design and product development. 

In addition, to his daily leadership role at Uberflip, Yoav serves as an advisor to Betterez another technology start-up.