Carey  Smolensky

Carey Smolensky

Carey Smolensky is a dynamic Businessman and Entrepreneur who began his family of companies with Mobile Music Disc Jockey Service, Inc. in 1978 while he was still attending NewTrier West High School. In 1984, Carey earned the title of Mr. United States, the male equivalent to the Miss America competition, while completing a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from Loyola University in Chicago; all the while, expanding his business and bringing a new style of interactive entertainment to Chicagoland. Carey and his wife Diane expanded to Carey Smolensky Productions in 1987. Then, in 1999, another company evolved to service customers and Custom Specialty Promotions was born and headed by President, Diane Smolensky. Through Carey's continual evolution of his company, the umbrella company CSP Worldwide Event Management was created to service thousands of clients across the globe.