Nina  Price

Nina Price

Nina Price never thought much about being a superhero until the first time she googled herself. In the top spot on Google for Nina Price was the Marvel Comics character Nina Price, Vampire by Night. Not only is she a vampire, she’s also a werewolf at certain times. Nina then realized that even though she’s not a werewolf or a vampire, she too has superpowers and uses them for good. Nina is a former Silicon Valley high tech marketing exec who after twenty years in the computer industry learned that it was time to do something else. In 2001, she pushed her own reset button and reinvented herself as a board certified healthcare professional so she could serve other women as they tackle the transformations that come with midlife. Today, she is a business/ wellness coach who practices acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Palo Alto, CA. For more information, check out her blog, Midlife Without Crisis and her website