John  Godoy

John Godoy

John Godoy, an international coach, endurance athlete, entrepreneur, martial artist, speaker, inventor and writer. Part educator, part motivator, part story teller, John crafts edu-training presentations for audiences large and small. From transplant patients to equity traders; from Trump’s General Managers to executive management teams.
Through his private personal training company JG Fitness, he has shaped-up Chicago’s elite. From Harpo to Crain’s - he has made TV producers cry and billionaires accept that health is earned and not bought. And yes… he met Oprah. He co-founded Active Ideas - an exercise furniture company, and started a healthy food delivery business but soon discovered that human nature prefers the “pizza delivery guy” over the “healthy food guy”. As a coach - he once impersonated baseball great Sammy Sosa in the Dominican Republic, coached at the LGBT world aquatic games in San Francisco, and despite ironically having a losing record, he won conference coach of the year while at the University of Toronto. He left the brutally cold winters of Canada, for the equally ridiculous cold winters of Chicago to write for an urban magazine. While in Tokyo when not gorging on sushi, wrote financial news. He has biked through the mountains of France, evaded sharks in the waters of the pacific, and run through the Arizona desert. By blending Eastern wisdom, Western philosophy, and American practicality, John Godoy strives to empower his audiences to get the most out of their personal and professional lives.