Sybil Lockhart

Sybil Lockhart is a former lab scientist and teacher, current science writer and mother, compulsive journal writer and inchoate novelist. She was trained in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley; in science and education at San Francisco State University; and in cell and molecular neuroscience at Brandeis University, where she received her Ph.D. in 1994. Her teaching experience includes English and French at Maybeck High, biology and physiology at Brandeis, neuroscience at U.C. Berkeley, expository essay at Classroom Matters, and English at Bentley School. Her writing has appeared in anthologies, scientific journals, parenting magazines and a children’s magazine. Sybil is also one of the creators of Literary Mama Magazine, where she wrote her column, Mama in the Middle. Her book Mother in the Middle was developed from that column and published by Touchstone/Simon Schuster in 2009.