Mario  Kaphan

Mario Kaphan

Mario Kaphan is the founder of Vagas Tecnologia, the Brazilian market leader in e-recruitment solutions. Vagas means ‘jobs’ in Portuguese. Its mission is to be the all-encompassing tool for businesses to attract, source and select the right employees. The Vagas value proposition is based on software tools to manage the recruiting process, candidate sourcing and employer branding. Vagas envisions a world where people can choose the best companies to work with and companies can choose the best people to work with them. Mario is the driving force behind Vagas’s singular design for a radically open, free, and entrepreneurial organization— managing without managers. has no hierarchy, titles, or formal rules. Individual “members” enjoy a remarkable degree of autonomy and collegiality. All work is done in small, self-managed teams, and decisions are made via reasoned debate and consensus—an initially laborious process practiced daily, that yields powerful alignment and agility.