Lisa  Wilson

Lisa Wilson

As a master teacher, energy healer, and reader, Lisa Wilson uses ascension level energies to assist others in waking up to their potential; their responsibility in healing themselves and raising their energetic signature to anchor love and light to the planet as we move forward on the ascension waves into the 5th dimension and beyond. Lisa began a love affair with crystals as a small child, first burying her mother’s jewelry in the Earth to “set it free.” She communicated with Spirit from a young age but learned to ‘shut it down’ to fit into the constraints of “normal.” Lisa’s life was forever changed after being introduced to energy healing in her early 20s. This path reconnected her to her faith, bringing her full circle from a spirit lost in the fear of her human experience to a spirit totally embracing the love of her human experience. In 2011 she created Angelic Stones, a vehicle to share the teachings of the Angelic and Crystalline realms.