Mike  Dores

Mike Dores

A licensed private investigator since 1981, Mike Dores is President of MDI Verify, Inc, specializing in low-cost, high volume skip tracing primarily for collection agencies, attorneys, private investigators and process servers. Mike has personally conducted over 50,000 skip trace assignments. One of the first to make public records available on CD-ROM, he founded Merlin Information Services and revolutionized skip tracing in 1991 when he distributed low-cost, searchable public records on CD-ROM. Six years later, Merlin was offering national databases on the Internet. After selling Merlin in 2012 he opened MDI Verify in 2013. Like Mike’s original agency, MDI, focuses on high volume skip tracing. With his talented team who specializes in difficult to locate individuals, Mike currently supervises 15,000 – 20,000 assignments each month. . Through the years, Mike has conducted dozens of one to three-hour seminars and regularly speaks at PI, Collections and Attorney Service conferences