Kim  Iskyan

Kim Iskyan

Kim Iskyan is the editor of the S&A Global Contrarian, an investment advisory that focuses on out-of-favor global markets that offer the potential for huge returns. Before joining Stansberry & Associates in 2013, Kim spent more than twenty years as a finance professional in emerging and frontier markets. He spent nine years in Moscow, Russia, as a sell-side research analyst and deputy head of research for Renaissance Capital, a global emerging markets investment bank, and two Russian investment banks. During his time in Moscow, Kim also managed a hedge fund focused on opportunities in the markets of the former Soviet Union. On another front, he worked for a global asset management firm in Dublin, Ireland. Most recently, he consulted for a securities research outsourcing firm in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for two years. Finally, Kim also worked for a global political risk consulting firm in Washington, DC, where he lives now.