Jef  Rawls

Jef Rawls

Director & Producer Jef Rawls has been acting and performing for nearly 25 years. His background includes Film, TV, Video, Commercial, Radio and Stage. Jef has performed live improvisational comedy virtually every weekend for the last 17 years. In fact Jef has over 5,000 improvised shows under his belt, both as a performer and host. In addition to live performances, Jef hosted ABC Channel 15’s kid’s educational program – “WHAT’S UP?” (This TV show won an ‘Emmy Award’ for best local children’s educational program). His acting career also includes over 50 children’s educational videos, over 30 commercials, music videos, independent and feature films, and a variety of stage and theatrical performances. He was also the host & producer of “Breakfast Epiphanies” a comedy talk radio program on All-Comedy Radio. Jef is currently working on a project in which he will play the lead roll in a feature film due to start filming in September.