Nancy K.  Bohl-Penrod, Ph.D.

Nancy K. Bohl-Penrod, Ph.D.

Nancy K. Bohl-Penrod, Ph.D. is a Mental Health Professional (MFT 19924) who specializes in the field of trauma. She is the Director of The Counseling Team International (TCTI), a highly successful and respected employee support service devoted to providing trauma support services throughout the nation. Dr. Bohl-Penrod has extensive background in critical incident stress management. Dr. Bohl-Penrod has responded to more than 1,000 critical incidents. She helped those impacted by the Los Angeles riots, Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, the Federal building bombing in Oklahoma City, the Tornado in Oklahoma and the Unabomber incident in Sacramento, California. Her services were also used for nearly all major school shootings. She led a team of Mental Health Professionals in assisting those severely impacted by the Terrorist Attacks in New York. While in New York she was sent to the Pentagon to provide her services.