Dr. Carol  McCall

Dr. Carol McCall

Dr. Carol McCall, expert communication coach, educator, entrepreneur, business consultant and social psychologist, teaches individuals as well as professionals how to create more profits and freedom in their businesses. Known to her clients as "the lazer coach", Dr. McCall uses a results-focused approach in implementing simple and customized strategies. With five decades of experience, she has worked with clients in over fifty different industries, both nationally and internationally. By teaching specific "how to" steps that implement successful communication strategies, clients eliminate communication overwhelm and simplify difficult projects into manageable tasks that get results. She is currently engaged in a brainwave project that will enable the development of a system to consistently measure, in real time, cognitive and emotional well being by recording a person's brainwave feedback while listening. By developing this system of measurement, basic listening strategies may be quickly applied and enhance the opportunity to impact conflict, stress, job performance, productivity, emotional well being and increase trust within personal and professional relationships. She is the founder of The Institute for Global Listening and Communication, a pioneer in the field of coaching and communication training since 1988. A graduate of Northwestern University, she holds a Masters Degree, a Master Certified Coach (M.C.C.) from the International Coach Federation and her Ph.D. in Social Psychology.