Craig  Polsfuss

Craig Polsfuss

Craig Polsfuss is the owner of Awaken Higher Brain Living® Center in the Northeast Arts District of Minneapolis and a national Higher Brain Living® Facilitator. He is also its Director of Education, having left his 30-year psychology practice to devote his full-time to bring Higher Brain Living® (HBL) to the world. HBL is a revolutionary technique that surges energy from the lower stress brain to the Higher “Enlightened” Brain, the seat of joy, empowerment, clarity, and purpose. With Higher Brain Living®, we can actually change the physiology of our brains to stop living from the primitive lower brain and start living from the Higher Brain – the gateway to lasting, limitless and expansive living. This change to the ‘Higher Brain’ awakens higher consciousness and potential like no psychological, spiritual or physical modality known today, while also addressing the critical need for a global shift in consciousness. A new brain, a new beginning. Learn more: