Daniel  Kaline

Daniel Kaline

Daniel Kaline possesses a wealth of experience fueled by innovative ideas, incorporating the latest in food science and natural medicine which allows him to bring unparalleled products to the market. His career spans the breadth of the health care industry, including business marketing and sales. He graduated from Ferris State University in 1978 with a degree in Respiratory Therapy. Additional training expanded his background to include all aspects of Cardio-Pulmonary while working in hospitals. In the 1980’s, Dan’s career was directed into medical sales which included imaging research and development in the radiographic field. From 1983 through 1989, he expanded his medical sales career selling surgical and electro-surgical instruments while working for Surgical & Diagnostic Instrument Exchange, Inc. and Electro Medical Services. He later joined Valleylab, a division of Pfizer, selling to and training physicians on electro-surgical equipment and CUSA systems. In the early 1990’s, Dan left Valleylab to work independently as CEO of his own marketing company. In 2001, he started Soteria Corporation, a national company focused on the sales and distribution of health and nutrition products, which merged with a larger company in the same industry. During that time and through 2008, Dan mentored under a leading bio-chemist, and extensively studied nutraceutical and natural product formulation. Dan’s comprehensive background in science, the medical field, and the health and nutrition industry has allowed him to be a full-time nutraceutical formulator and follow his passion. Dan, founder of BioLyte Laboratories, is employed by BioLyte Laboratories and is responsible for all Research & Development and Quality functions within BioLyte Laboratories.