Monique  Hesseling

Monique Hesseling

Monique Hesseling is a Partner at Strategy Meets Action (SMA) focused on roadmaps and helping companies expand business opportunities based on data insights and analytics. She has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry and has held senior leadership positions in marketing, product development, sales, operations, R&D and Business Intelligence for the ACE Group, Zurich Insurance Group, ACORD and Mutual of Omaha. She has worked on BI initiatives, data warehousing, customer insights efforts, market segmentation and product development projects. She applies experiences from different markets around the world to companies and by assisting in global development/expansion planning. A Dutch citizen and a permanent US resident, she holds a BBA from Nyenrode University (Netherlands), studied Organizational Psychology at the University of Leiden, and recently completed a Masters in Applied Science in Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Denver.