Mark  Johnson

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is the CEO of Sovereign Intelligence, LLC ( As an attorney, former NCIS Special Agent and intelligence case officer, Mark’s legal, investigative and global clandestine experience offers sophisticated clients the credibility needed for emerging market investment decisions. As a Agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service for 10 years, Mark served as an Senior Staff Counterintelligence Officer in support of USN special programs and conducted numerous sensitive intelligence operations in Asia and the Middle East. Mr. Johnson received training from the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy, DIA, and the CIA. Mark has advised U.s. government and private sector leadership on matters relating to sovereign wealth funds, high energy weapons, nanotechnology, financial networks, and cyber security, directly influencing National Security policy. Mr. Johnson hold a B.A. in Political Science from Davidson College, and a J.D. from Regent University.