Randi  Thompson

Randi Thompson

Randi Thompson is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of KidSave International. Randi and her co-founder Terry Baugh pioneered the successful Family Visit Model, enabling children growing up without parents to meet and spend time with caring adults in the community, who advocate on their behalf to find them permanent families and lifelong mentors. Randi started the successful Summer Miracles program out of her bedroom office in 1999, and with Terry built it into the gold standard hosting program it is today.Summer Miracles USA has found families for over 80% of the children who have participated in the program. Since 1999 the program has given over 1,700 orphans and abandoned children summer visits. In Russia and Colombia exposure to this international family visit program has begun to change the way child welfare professionals think about finding families for older children – requesting adoption agencies take older children for adoption. It has helped governments believe there is hope for older orphan children, who are usually forgotten and alone.