Kathy  Bailey-Smith

Kathy Bailey-Smith

Kathy Bailey-Smith is a Student of Life -She’s always had the passion to answer life’s most basic yet complicated question, “Who am I”? Although, Kathy majored in psychology, it wasn’t until her first experience with a psychotherapist at age 24, when she realized the value of looking inward; of trying to understand her feelings, behaviors, etc. after all, she was just like everyone else searching for the key to “happiness”. She began reading spiritual and philosophical texts and also became acquainted with present moment awareness and now uses her daily life as her spiritual practice. Kathy’s goal is to translate old world wisdom to modern society, especially focusing on women. As a middle aged woman herself, Kathy, for the first time, feels comfortable in her own skin owning her “story”. She hopes to inspire other women to live with as much passion, gratitude and authenticity as she’s been blessed to experience! Check out my blog at Thewholenessproject