Susan Lazar  Hart

Susan Lazar Hart

Susan is not your typical coach, counselor or therapist, just as you are not a typical client. Her specialty is deep listening, along with an uncanny ability to pose questions that create consciousness and different possibilities. Working with the latest Access Consciousness tools and clearings, Susan can help you make breakthroughs on issues that have you stuck, stymied or bewildered — relationships, addiction, body image, jobs, money, success — you name it. Susan’s clients rave about her ability to help them cut through emotional clutter in record time. If you’ve heard that therapy involves hard work, you’ll be intrigued to hear Susan inviting clients to “come and play with me.” Susan is a master at turning her artist’s eye to put a new perspective on the relationships in your life. Successfully married for 34 years and with 4 adult children , her relationship with her grown daughter, Kelsey, is featured in her weekly radio show, Heart2hart, available at As an artist, yoga teacher, life coach, relationship counselor and licensed facilitator of Access Consciousness, she has at hand a wealth of tools to transform all your relationships.