Shari  Muszalski

Shari Muszalski

Shari Muszalski is a 6th Generation psychic from CA with 27+ years analyzing & interpreting dreams. She began her research of dreams & their meanings at age 17 from personal experiences. She uses her unique blend of psychic intuition & unlimited knowledge of symbolism that we dream about to give us answers. Shari believes our dreams help guide us in our future, shaping & changing our destiny. She’s read for thousands worldwide analyzing their dreams giving them a step by step analysis & also symbolism that’s behind the dream. Shari’s currently writing a book "Did You Dream About Me Last Night?" experiences of her own dreams & how they’ve shaped her life in a positive way by interpreting their meaning & applying to her daily life. It’s a detailed analysis on her interpretations giving clients the tools & resources needed to move forward. She’s been a keynote speaker at psychic conferences talking about her experience as a dream analyst. She can be reached at