Alex  Koleszar

Alex Koleszar

Alex Koleszar completed roughly 30 canvases in oil from ages 11 to 14. Years later at a personal crisis point, he rededicated himself to his art as part of his physical and emotional recovery. His work — a unique fusion of realism and surrealism reflecting his reverence for the works of Dali and Magritte — which quickly began being collected across the United States and Europe, consistently reflects the times and mirrors his inner-most feelings. One such piece, “A Poison Tree,” created in response to the September 11 tragedy, was sold before it was even completed. With a passion not only for art, but also politics, Alex’s work often deals with critical issues, including works in response to the Enron scandal (“The Great Leveler”), the rush to war during the Bush Administration (“Bosch Americana”), and to potential motives for war (“The Point of War”) as well as others addressing key issues of addiction and recovery (“Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe” and “The Committee”).