Chris  Crowley

Chris Crowley

Chris Crowley is the New York Times bestselling co-author(with leading NY internist Henry S. Lodge M.D.) of the Younger Next Year books which have sold well over a million copies and been translated into 20 languages. They have been ‘The Boomers’ Bible’ and ‘The Best thing Ever Written’ about fitness and wellness. They have become “cult books” for that generation.In 2013, Chris was the co-author (with Tufts professor of nutrition and muscle physiology, Jen Sacheck, Ph.D.) of Thinner This Year. Thinner This Year is an in-depth look at the key issues raised in Younger Next Year, with emphasis on nutrition and exercise.These days, Chris spends most of his time keynote speaking on the Revolution in Behavior and Aging. Which, he says, is “one of the most important things in each of our lives and in the life of the Republic today. The combination of the slop we eat and our bone-idleness is wrecking lives and ruining the economy. We have to change,” he says, “and we will.”