Robyn  Purchia

Robyn Purchia

Robyn Purchia is the Editor-in-Chief of, an online news and resource site that explores the relationship between religion/spirituality and environmentalism. A former environmental lobbyist and attorney, Robyn became increasingly frustrated by the polarizing nature of the environmental conversation. For her, caring for nature is not a political or economic issue, or a cause that pits humans and the environment against each other. Taking care of the planet is a moral and ethical duty -- a responsibility we have to current and future generations. Robyn launched last November through the Important Media network to bring awareness to this belief and highlight some of the good (and not so good) things organizations are doing for the environment in the name of their religion. Interfaith writers from all over the world contribute articles to EdenKeeper, and Robyn's articles have been featured on Huffington Post, World Hindu News,, and others.