Sarah  Miller Caldicott

Sarah Miller Caldicott

Sarah Miller Caldicott, a great grandniece of Thomas Edison, is CEO of her own innovation consultancy, The Power Patterns of Innovation. An innovation process expert, she is the author of several books, including “Innovate Like Edison” and “Midnight Lunch.” She advises leaders world-wide on how they can build new innovation capability in their organizations. Sarah is also an expert on the role of collaboration as a driver of innovation in the digital era. She has appeared as an innovation expert on CNBC, PBS, and NPR, and been featured in The New York Times, Fortune Small Business, USA Today, and Fast Company. Previously, for 15 years Sarah served as a marketing executive in Global 100 companies including Quaker Oats/Pepsico and Unilever. As an International Marketing Director, Sarah spearheaded global innovation teams launching new products in the foods and personal care industries worldwide. Sarah is a popular blogger on innovation, collaboration, and leadership for