Becky and Cory  Center

Becky and Cory Center

Becky and Cory Center are a powerful couple on a mission to help speakers be seen, heard and felt for who they truly are. Their focus is on building relationships that are based on trust and clear communication, on and off the stage. Becky and Cory have learned the secrets to magnetizing your ideal clients and delivering your message in a way that your audience will connect to. Becky is as brilliant as she is beautiful, currently working to finish her Ph.D, which combines several aspects of her background including psychology and therapeutic vocalwork. With over 15 years of group facilitation, she has learned the secrets to effective and compassionate communication. Cory is a philosopher as well as the creator of Attention Training, a unique meditative style designed to teach your mind to focus and reprogram your thought patterns. He is a published poet and author; first published at 19, writing has remained a strong passion for him and is the way he has tapped into his authentic voice and expression. Together, Becky and Cory will help you calibrate your message so you can start to attract your lover, bring in more money, and magnetize your ideal clients with ease.