Rose  Retelle

Rose Retelle

Rose is a gifted Psychic, Medium, and Healer who has been practicing for over six years. Using the connection of your Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, Rose brings forth messages with compassion and love. Her goal is to empower her clients as well as show the continuity of life after death. Her messages, whether psychic or medium, are set with the intention for the client to find peace and enlightenment. Always keeping in mind that you are in control of your own Destiny. She is honored to be a messenger for those in the higher realms, and wants to help her clients experience that amazing gift of light that is within all of us. Rose has studied and trained under mediums John Holland, Tony Stockwell and Colin Bates (from the prestigious Arthur Findley College in England), Rita Berkowitz, Lauren Rainbow and Danielle MacKinnon. Rose continues to attend development circles in the area. She believes that studying and training is critical in this work, because we all need to continuously learn and grow. Rose also has certifications in Alchemical Healing Levels I and II, from world renowned Shamanic Healer, Nicki Scully. For more information visit: