Dr. Clare  Westmacott

Dr. Clare Westmacott

Dr. Clare Westmacott obtained his MD from the University of Western Ontario in 1973 and specialized in family medicine for 23 years. Through his solo family practice, home care and hospital work, Dr. Westmacott came to understand that there was much more to good health than just waiting for medications and surgery. He thus pursued an integrated approach and studied homeopathy at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in London, England, and obtained his MD-MFHom. He continues to study and implement natural medicine modalities in his patient care, along with his wife, Carole Westmacott, RN. Their practice includes physiological and lifestyle assessments, stress management, inflammation treatment with homeopathic drainage, nutrition, bio-identical hormones and homeopathic counselling. He has presented webinars and spoken at conferences for naturopathic doctors on bio-identical hormone therapy, and presents open lecture series on bio-identical hormones, inflammation, stress and gut health.