Ben  Schemper

Ben Schemper

I'm a 26 year old performance coach who works primarily with millennial professionals and entrepreneurs. I am loving life in San Diego where I split my time between surfing and rescuing millennial leaders from the trap of a meaningless rat race life. I help my clients find fulfillment, purpose, and show them how they can grow their business tremendously and efficiently - more than they ever could working a stressed out 60-100 work week. I am extremely passionate about two things at this point in my life: adventure, and living a life of purpose and impact. Thus, I've combined my two passions for my coaching programs where I take groups of kick ass people on adventure based retreats. Instead of sitting in a boring hotel room listening to speakers all day, we take exciting trips full of excursions and explore some of life's biggest questions. We then create clear visions for how to integrate the answers we learn back at home into our business. The inspiration for these trips began 2 years ago where I had a need for this sort of experience. I was crushing it and breaking records building my CUTCO cutlery sales management empire when I woke up one day and realized I had two big problems. I didn't TRULY know myself or the impact I wanted to make on this world and I wasn't surrounded by kick ass people to support the standards I wanted to have for myself. So I've spent the last 2 years solving these dilemmas for myself. My business is a reflection of that journey. I've compressed the most valuable breakthroughs I've had into a life changing 4 day experience, and I've created a community of peer entrepreneurs who expect excellence and greatness from this lifetime and hold each-other accountable in that journey.