Anthony D.  Zinnanti

Anthony D. Zinnanti

Anthony D. Zinnanti is a California lawyer whose practice is dedicated to appellate & post-conviction matters, including major civil cases & serious felonies. Since his admission to practice in 1998, he has handled hundreds of matters of criminal appellate & trial litigation, family law, immigration & civil proceedings. Zinnanti has been involved in high profile cases including the Anna Nicole Smith post-mortem custody litigation, a post-trial matter in People v. O.J. Simpson, a Roe v. McClellan restraining order proceeding, extensive representation of members of one of the "Big Four" motorcycle clubs, & representation of homeless & environmental activists. While still in law school, Zinnanti had a rare opportunity to work with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Homicide Bureau after successfully reopening a 1979 cold case. "Mr. Zinnanti is a single parent. His interests outside of the practice of law include rifle marksmanship, handgunning, traditional archery, hunting and fishing."