Carolyn CJ  Jones

Carolyn CJ Jones

Carolyn CJ Jones is the multi-award winning author and photographer of her book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. She is a compelling motivational speaker and a transformational life coach. Because of her life’s experiences, she is an ex-pert at guiding others through their adversities to a place of ultimate happiness. Compassion and kindness are CJ’s innate nature, evidenced by her 27 years as a registered nurse. During those years, she initiated and managed a program that allowed technology dependent children living in the hospital ICU to be cared for at home with hourly nursing care. To implement the program, she spoke to hundreds of health care professionals, training them in the use of this heart-based service. In her current position as a speaker, CJ mesmerizes audiences with her story and provides hope that they, too, can surmount life’s difficulties. As a coach, CJ draws upon her abilities, offering knowledge that transforms her clients’ lives forever.