Leigh J.  McCloskey

Leigh J. McCloskey

You know him from numerous tv shows such as Dallas, Third Rock From the Sun, Star Trek Voyager, Deep Space Nine, General Hospital, Santa Barbara, Days of Our Lives, and many more! You've seen him on the big screen in Inferno, Lucky Stiff, and Just One of The Guys. Taking his study of William Blake, The Kabbalah, and many other mystical and spiritual texts, Leigh has authored his own phenomenal work: Tarot ReVISIONed. On 9/11, Leigh was inspired to paint a room in his home in Malibu, California. This then turned into a 7 year project as he followed inspiration to literally paint every aspect of this room as an unfolding dialogue of consciousness. When one wears 3-d glasses in the room, it comes alive and Leigh will share with us the story behind this amazing work of art that will one day be a historical monument and a glimpse of the artist we call "The Renaissance Man!" Go to Makinglifebrighter.com for more info and to see this room come alive on our youtube channel.