Stephanie Ann  Gamble

Stephanie Ann Gamble

Stephanie Ann Gamble is a natural born leader, motivator and mentor. She thrives on helping others, self mastery and living a life of purpose and abundance. She truly believes that everyone deserves a life of abundance and we can all achieve our most excellent life. Stephanie has always enjoyed inspiring others through her works as an accomplished platform artist in the beauty industry, an award winning stylist, a professional mentor and a successful business owner/manager. She has also been an empowering Human Resource leader where employee relations and motivation are key. In 2013, Stephanie began a Professional Coaching program by IPEC. Through this program, all the knowledge and hands on experience of life could be put together and shared with all who agree that life is full of abundance. Stephanie holds a PHD in life; Personal Human Development. This is something we all hold, however the difference is what we choose to do with it. We all go through the motions in life, why not have fun, be fabulous and live your most excellent life! Contact Stephanie at