Tiffany  Sweeley

Tiffany Sweeley

“A heart for the Lord” … a phrase frequently heard, but one that is truly exemplified by Tiffany Sweeley. Born and raised in South Carolina, Tiffany was called to a ministry of “music and word” at the tender age of ten. With her parents’ support, she accepted the call and began singing at church and the local Christian TV station. Developing her gift with education, she majored in music at Indiana University where she received a Masters degree.

After graduation, she found herself back in South Carolina performing at the Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach, which eventually led her to Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. After the famed theme park closed, she capitalized on her knowledge and passion for fitness, becoming a certified personal trainer. Soon after, Tiffany started a business with Arbonne International. She is currently an Executive Area Manager teaching women and men about health and fitness.

Tiffany was fully engaged in living life, getting married, having children, and in so doing lost her way from her first call. So at the age of twenty-nine she gave her life back to Christ and her ministry was reborn. Using her talents as a dancer and performer, she began both a drama and dance ministry at her local church. She unquestionably embraced her gifts and began to understand how all the pieces of her life experience were fitting together.

Tiffany, the praise and worship leader, encourages people to worship freely without inhibitions, to express their passion for the Lord without reservation. Tiffany declares, “I want to inspire people to go after God with all they have.”

Tiffany, the motivational speaker, encourages people to not settle for less than God’s best. “I want them to see my heart is for them. Somebody is on their side and wants to lift them up. There is a better way. Whatever they’re going through is just a season… they just have to hang on,” she explains.