Jeff  DeGraff

Jeff DeGraff

Jeff DeGraff’s is an innovation thought-leader, author, university professor, and creator of the Innovatrium, an innovation institute at the University of Michigan. His renowned work and through leadership have prompted his clients and colleagues to dub him as The Dean of Innovation. Jeff has advised many of the world’s leading corporations, using the Competing Values Framework that he co-created, on how to grow, change and ultimately move forward to see positive results. Jeff’s clientele list reads as a ‘who’s who’ of the business world, boasting Eaton, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, General Electric, Prudential and Pfizer, all as happy customers. Clients call Jeff when they want to achieve a cultural change that leads to sustainable innovation and growth. Jeff commands the room as he combines theory and practice to instill the mindset needed to make innovation truly happen.