Kristine  Cocchiarella

Kristine Cocchiarella

Kristine Cocchiarella, known in the real food blogging community as “Real Food Girl: Unmodified” is a classically trained chef turned anti-GMO, pro-organic, food hippie blogger with a passion for Real, Unmodified foods. Married to an enthusiastic food tester known as The Stud Muffin, they live with their two dogs and ninja spy kitty that join them on their Real Food journey. Years of infertility and chronic illness compelled her to become a Real Food crusader and advocate for sharing her knowledge of what's really in the foods we're eating. In researching, she discovered that food was the problem and the answer so she began cooking with foods that weren’t modified genetically; in other words, “unmodified” food. Kristine shares heartwarming, honest, and witty stories with recipes featuring tasty, down-home meals that focus on using "unmodified" foods and ingredients. Easy to follow tips and resources will help you start your Real Food journey and “unmodifiy” your diet and your life!