Julianna  Raye

Julianna Raye

An undisciplined mind can cause a life of chaos. Julianna Raye has been practicing Basic Mindfulness with her clients for more than 14 years. After feeling miserable pursuing what she thought was her life's purpose as a recording artist, Julianna realized that if her mind was unhappy that her life would reflect that unhappiness. Therefore, upon a recommendation from a psychotherapist, Julianna began meditating. She attended a retreat given by an American Mindfulness teacher who was ordained in Japan, Shinzen Young. Later she added the rigors and rituals of Zen training to expand her practice. Julianna founded Pop Go Zen to work with people to empower them in their personal growth efforts. Julianna works with individuals and groups to personalize their experience in Basic Mindfulness to experience the benefits in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives.