Jim  Kirwan

Jim Kirwan

Jim Kirwan came to the USA from Ireland in 2003 to set up TrySports, an award winning, specialty retail business. He stepped down as CEO at the end of 2012 to set up Get America Moving [www.getamericamoving.com]. His book, entitled The eXercise Factor is now available in pre-launch mode at www.theexercisefactor.com. This book is about exercise but it is about a lot more; it describes Four Key Drivers of Success; exercise, nutrition, knowledge and what he calls the X Factor. It will help you ease into the best shape of your life, regardless of your age, weight or current fitness level. Jim will launch his signature coaching program in January. This is a comprehensive fifty two week project based program, designed so you can achieve a major transformation with your health and fitness. He lives in the beautiful city of Mount Pleasant, SC with his wife Maureen and his family.