Sheree  Burlington

Sheree Burlington

Sheree Burlington is a designer, licensed artist, seeker, storyteller & humorist as well as the owner of Museware Pottery in Manchester, NH. A self described cynic, Sheree found herself spiritually transformed by the sudden, tragic loss of her 19 year old son, Neal, to a motorcycle street racing accident. In the weeks following his death, messages from Neal began to reach her, introducing her to a local community of healers & mediums. Sheree soon found herself tied to a group of area parents who had all recently lost teenage sons; all four boys tied to one another socially. Neal continues to act as a bridge to connect Sheree with other grieving families. Sheree has also started an educational foundation called Its mission is to introduce motorcycle street racers and their families to the relative safety of the racetrack. If you have or know of a speed loving kid, please visit Sheree's art and design projects can be found at