Audrey  Holst

Audrey Holst

Audrey Holst believes that it’s time to stop looking for our Self in all the wrong places! It’s no wonder so many of us deal with chronic stress and anxiety and overwhelm and burnout. We are bombarded by so much information on a daily basis that it is common to feel inadequate or like we don't know anything. We start searching for the answers to our questions everywhere other than the one place that the answer really lies - in our very core. The socially accepted mantra, "if only I had _____ then I'd be complete" is not serving us and it’s time to re-learn that we are all whole from the moment we are born. We just forget it along the way. Through her seven-year career as a Bikram Yoga instructor and recent certification through The Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) as a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner, Audrey excels in reconnecting people to their inner Self and knowing. You can find more about her and read her regular musings on all things human at