William  Lansing

William Lansing

William Lansing of Worthington, IA with Lansing Essential Oils. Lansing has a large family of 8 children, 20 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. He has gained expertise in the use of natural products to assist in emotional release through years of personal use, studying, training with Gary Young and other leaders in the industry. He started using oils in 2000 after an auto accident left him with back and emotional issues. During treatment, he met with a representative of essential oils, who exposed him to a procedure call “Rain Drop” which started a process of healing. Within hours he experienced great relief and was able to go back to doing some physical labor, which he was unable to do before using the oils. Lansing Essential Oils began in 2000; using the oils personally he started as a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. He promoted the oils to anyone who would listen and loved sharing his healing experience with others. Over the years Lansing Essential Oils has moved up the ranks with Young Living to a Platinum Distributor Rating. Lansing’s goal is to reach the Diamond Level, the 3rd highest rating in the company, which few get to experience.