Dr. Amanda  Romania

Dr. Amanda Romania

Dr. Amanda Romania is a futurist, Akashic oracle, and soul artisan. For the past decade, she’s worked with indigenous elders and shamans on ritual and sacred site energy. She has a Masters degree in business from Durham University & a doctorate in metaphysics. Her soul mission is to support others on their spiritual journey towards ascension to create a positive global imprint. Her client list is international and she has written many books, among them Akashic Therapy, 25 Instant Ways to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration in Life, Chasing Karma in High Heels, and Writing for My Soul. Amanda teaches and guides individual clients and groups in person from her fabulous Sedona, AZ Soul Artisan Sacred Studio and Writers Salon to engage their hearts and essences plus teaches how universal energy can be understood and applied to everyday life. Amanda coaches and mentors people and groups to open up their hearts and minds to engage with their soul purpose and bring it into their everyday reality.