Eleni  Pallas

Eleni Pallas

Eleni Pallas is co-founder of Leaders for Good, a leadership design boutique that empowers leaders to solve today's organizational and societal challenges by humanizing the world. After 20 years working in global strategy and business development for clients such as Deloitte, The World Bank and Booz Allen Hamilton, Eleni began to see the connection between leadership style, human capital, and organizational success. Today, she focuses on leadership ecology−designing the internal and external environments needed to lead successfully over time, across varying contexts. She is highly skilled at helping leaders remain confident and stable during self-growth or tumultuous transitions such as mergers and acquisitions, business model changes, economic shifts, as well as transforming global, divisive teams into cohesive, game-changing pods. She has an MBA from George Washington Univ and a BS in from the Univ of MD. Clients include Cartier, Whole Foods, UC Berkeley, SFSU. Leaders-for-good.com