Leona  Rehm

Leona Rehm

Leona Rehm has been assisting small business owners in building successful businesses since 1998, when she graduated from the Academy for Coach Training. She believes that part of America’s greatness is tied to the success of the small business owners and their families, as it is small businesses that employ more people, support healthier life styles, and respond more quickly to the needs of their community than corporate America. Through her business, Simply Effective Coaching, Leona reaches out to small business owners to help them create lives that flourish at home and at work. Her goal is to aid as many business owners as possible in building prosperous businesses. She is committed to helping her clients create successful, productive, profitable businesses, while nurturing rich family lives. Leona provides personalized coaching, facilitates study groups focused on the MasterMind Principle, and leads brainstorming sessions.