Amanda  Stanhaus

Amanda Stanhaus

Amanda Stanhaus is passionate about financial literacy. She is excited by the opportunities technology provides to engage and teach others about personal finance. As a community manager at Moven, she answers account-holder’s questions with a smile. And behind the scenes, she jumps through hoops to create the best experience possible for account-holders. With an eye for engaging content, Amanda ensures Moven’s Twitter, Facebook, and Blog are hubs for financial insights. In 2011, Amanda realized not everyone is the daughter of an accountant; her peers did not have the same opportunities to be financially literate, through no fault of their own. Amanda created the character Bettie to empower young women to answer the ultimate question: how can I spend, save, and grow my hard-earned money? Under a nom de plume, Amanda wrote daily on topics ranging from basic money management to investment strategies. Each blog post on XO, Bettie possessed a clear and compelling explanation, while contributing to a storyline that is common to successful millennial women.To further engage her peers, Amanda contributes to SmartAsset’s blog . Amanda has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & North American Studies from McGill University. In her spare time, she assists and studies North America's Welfare State with Yale University's Dr. Theodore Marmor. Please visit or follow @astanhaus on Twitter for more information